Friday, April 2, 2010

The Dry Frontier - Justin K. Rivers

The Dry Frontier Cover

The Dry Frontier
- Justin K. Rivers -
Johnny Desolation Records

This is my second solo album, about dreams and disenchantment on the western frontier. In the tradition of John Stewart.

  1. Prospector
  2. The Parlor Trick
  3. The Lone Trail
  4. Geranium
  5. Bitches and Weed
  6. Wagon Ruts
  7. New York Postcards
  8. Doctor John Holliday
  9. My Little Main Street
  10. The Mind's Eye
  11. Cement
  12. Gotta Get Back to New York
  13. The Sweetness Within
Download here


Anonymous said...

First and foremost, congrat for the records and the blog. I saw that the Guthrie Thomas LP recevide a comment from Shark who informs about a radioshow taped with Alan Bangs taped in ermany. Can you help in any way how to get a copy of this recording. Thank you, Rebo

Loki Sings said...

Dear Justin/Johnny,

I downloaded your albums and am looking forward to listening to them when you have the chance.

I'm actually writing about the Ferron albums (I have before, and thank you again!) I have some free software which is GREAT when removing a lot of tape hiss and so on, doesn't affect the GOOD sound on the record nearly as much: Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode) which is FREE. Just Google and download. It'd be great if you gave those two albums a second go using that program. I do think they sound really good, as it is.

Several people are promoting your website and your presentation of these albums, which I think is a first on the Net after all these years. And give those LPs another try--those wav files are enough, you don't need to run a needle through the records again. When you DO turn them into mp3s, I recommend doing it at 320 Kpbs, and others would love flac files (I don't believe in flac myself.)
They are becoming "hot items' and we are all directing people back here to read what you've written and to keep YOUR files alive. Great work, man!


Dave aka Loki Sings

Johnny Desolation said...

Ok here's the lowdown on the Ferron albums:

- They need to be re-digitized in order to get the maximum amount of original sound out of them, using a cartridge with better frequency response and a better phono pre-amp, which I now have. The problem right now is that I don't have a turntable. And I also don't actually own a copy of Backed Up. Yet. I'll be getting a copy soon, but the turntable is totally dead for the next year, most likely, unless I find a cheap replacement or a new job.

My main goal with posting the Ferron albums was to get SOME type of version up so people can actually listen to them, with a more restored archival-quality post down the line. It'll happen, but it's gonna take a while before I have the hardware to do it. Glad you enjoyed them, though. They're such great albums. Though I'd really love to know what happened to the master tapes, that'd solve all our problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
I got taken to your site from another link....I've scrolled down and have d/loaded a few...I'll get back after a listen or of the moment...thanks for the shares and your blog makes good can you ever hope to find the insiders if you totally ignore the of luck in all you do
Cy from Pck

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
I gave both your solo projects a listen last night....and you took me on a travelogue through both place and time....being over on this side of the pond many of your everyday observations, e.g. "buck-wheat fields", I had no point of reference too....the tracks spooled into one another and were satisfying in terms of 'creativity'....I had a strange flash-back during the listen....I spoke with Michael Hurley when he played a gig near Perth Scotland...I asked him to tell me what he could see out of his window in Portland......ahh....he muttered, and after an infinte pause said, "vegetation"....your music gave me that sense of your take on your observations....down to earth yet hinting at unearthly goings on?
Thanks for the shares...
Cy at Pck

djfaust said...

Thank you for sharing.I found cool samples like in these tracks , i share with u